Equality March Fallout and a Contest

on 13 October 2009

So Sunday was the National Equality March and the Rally afterwords. Cleve Jones and Others wanted those of us there to continue the fight for "Equality Across America." I have a few ideas brewing in my head about this and want to find an image or a logo that can serve as the union of the Church and Equal Rights before I really take off. So I know several of my readers are much better skilled at art than I am. I also know that there are those of you who think your art is not so great or non-existent, you can help to.
Essentially I have created a couple of logos this afternoon that represent equality within the LDS Church. They are roughly the same except one is more of a shield while the other is more of a heart(they are rough drafts okay).
So I wanted to challenge the readers of my blog to get other images that illustrate the same thing. Those of you with art talent, create something that represents Equality within the Church. For those of you who feel like you have little art talent, you can spread this blog and this "contest" on your blog, on your facebook, on your twitter. What ever you have, you can take part in creating a logo that we, as Gay Mormons and their Allies, can rally around.
The best image may even get a prize. I am not saying that in a lame way, I would have to scrounge around for some funds for a legitimately good prize. Best of luck and I hope to see something soon!


Joe Conflict said...

Our beloved Church is only good at calling for Equality when it suits their purposes, or when their rights are being denied. They fought against ERA etc, etc. Seems so odd for a Church that experienced so many miscarriages of justice early in its history.

David Baker-@DB389 said...

Well Then Joe perhaps we can change that. Lets start with a Logo.

Evan said...

David, this is great! I love the idea, as there isn't any official logo that I can recall for those in the Church who support the movement.

I am pretty busy the next couple of days, but will try to come up with something over the weekend or next week some time! I like the idea of using the CTR shield.

David Baker-@DB389 said...

Abelard had a good idea to use the official MoHo Color Scheme of Blue and Green so that is an idea and then perhaps throwing some rainbow gradients would work as well.

Anonymous said...

So moho's now have an official color scheme? When are you people going to learn that the church isn't a democracy. You aren't going to be able to lobby so that the commandments will be changed to suit your own personal beliefs. This is not your church this is the Church of Jesus Christ. The whole point of being a following Christ is following Him and his gospel, not the other way around. Stop taking things that represent sacred things to people and hijacking them for your own personal agendas. You are only going to further offend people and alienate them so they won't want anything to do with you.

David Baker-@DB389 said...

@Anonymous Wow, you think that by having a color scheme we are going to try and lobby the Church? Really!?! And for your information the church is a democracy. Remember how you voted to sustain the Prophet? Do you know how words of the prophet become scripture? By Common Consent. I know it isn't "my" church and that it is the Church of Jesus Christ. I don't want Christ to Follow me. I am following what Christ has told me. And even if I were going to lobby the church, you think that hasn't worked before? Why do you think that Spencer W. Kimball decided to kneel down and ask about the blacks and the Priesthood? Because the members had had enough and were lobbying the church. And if the object is what is sacred to you then you need to recalibrate. You need to realize that the object isn't what members worship, nor should they. We are a church that needs to turn to Christ and his Love.

Alan said...


Abraham lobbied the Lord at length, successfully, to alter a decree of destruction for Sodom of all places (Genesis 18). And he wasn't punished for it, he was blessed. So why should we fear to lobby the Lord or His church to change a decree or policy? Why should we not do what was done by the man whose blessings the temple promises each of us if we are faithful as he was?

Scott said...

I sort of ran with your shield concept. Maybe I went too far...?

A good logo should work well in grayscale and black and white, as well as at a variety of sizes. I haven't worked with this at all to see how it passes all of those criteria, but here's my rough draft.

(Interestingly, my word verification is "oring")

I am Landmark said...

I would totally buy Scott's ring. Make it happen!

Anonymous said...

...."I am following what Christ has told me. And even if I were going to lobby the church, you think that hasn't worked before?"...

So now you are the prophet and have received a revelation for the whole church and our leaders are wrong and just need to listen to you?

Secondly I don't think that Pres Kimbell received the revaluation because of lobbying. There was a purpose. Just what purpose does homosexuality have in the Lords Plan of Salvation? If the Lord said no, would you be willing to live with that?

The other factor was that these worthy men had stayed worthy, they had followed the prophet and the church until that day. The Lord won't bless us with additional blessings until we have proven worthy with the ones we do have.

Gay Mormons and their allies? You make it sound like it's a them against us deal.

David Baker-@DB389 said...

Did I ever say I was a prophet or that I received revelation for the whole church? NO! I don't think that I am a prophet, but I recognize that while the Church is true, the members sometimes aren't... and the leaders are members. They are mortal men, flawed like the rest of us. For my personal life I am following what Christ has told me, I do not presume that my personal revelation is meant for the body of the Church. Because of that personal revelation though, many aspects of the church's policy towards homosexuality is questioned in my mind particularly how, in a church created because of the principle of continuing divine revelation, we are approaching the creation of church policy based off of statements made 2-4 thousand years ago. Granted I realize that the absence of revelation is not grounds to go willy nilly saying that it must mean that the leaders are absolutely wrong, instead it is grounds to petition for more light and knowledge regarding the subject. So why should I not Petition Christ and through him, the leaders of the Church, for more light?
It is funny how the same arguments against blacks seemed to be used against the gays a lot. ie. All the language for Don't Ask Don't Tell is the exact same logic and reasoning for having an all white army (and an all male army as well actually). 40-50 years ago people were saying that there wasn't a purpose to blacks having the priesthood. That they were those who sat on the fence during the council in heaven and thus their agency had precluded them from receiving the priesthood. What is the purpose of Homosexuality? Who is to say that it isn't part of the plan of salvation? Do you know why we have to have a male and female partner in the celestial kingdom? Do you know for a fact that there needs to be Celestial Copulation in order for worlds to become created or is it through Priesthood Power? There is a lot that we don't know and until more is revealed I am going to follow the testimony and spirit by which I know that God lives, that his son, our brother, sacrificed himself for our sins, our pains and our agony as well as our joy. If I am directed by the Lord that I am wrong then I will follow Him. In fact, not a day goes by in which I do not ask for more light and knowledge about this.
So you are assuming that I am not worthy? (honest question as to the interpretation of your comment, not a rhetorical jibe) You are right, the Lord will not bless us until we have proven worthy with the ones we have, we must walk in faith. That is what I am doing.
However We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly, I have yet to engage in a campaign that was "well timed" in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of homophobia. For years now I have heard the word "Wait!" It rings in the ear of every gay with piercing familiarity. This "Wait" has almost always meant "Never." We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that "justice too long delayed is justice denied."
It is not an us against them deal, it is a desire for us all to stand together and recognize the beauty of our diversity, the diversity that was created by the hand of our Master Lord and King.

Wyatt said...

SUPPORT LOVE! And life for the purpose of giving and receiving love everyday. However that impetuously moves you - I say follow your heart!

Evan said...

Jerry, please stop. We aren't seeking to cause contention.

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